We believe that working in partnership with parents is essential for children to develop as learners. One way we do that is through homework.

At the beginning of each project, children take home their homework books. These will have glued into them their Knowledge Organisers, Crib-sheet homework and strategies for spellings.

A Knowledge Organiser contains the knowledge that children will need to know in order to be successful during a project. Children are given many opportunities and lessons in school to learn the information on the knowledge organiser. However, parents and carers researching with their children and exploring them in greater detail will make a significant difference, even if it is just a conversation at dinner time.

Crib-Sheet homework consists of nine pieces of homework that children can complete during the six weeks of the project. These are then exhibited to their peers and other classes.

We have provided this sheet to provide children strategies for their spellings. We give children spellings every week and they are have low-stakes quizzes on these each week.