Virtual Pen-Pals

Tyndale Community School has had an active relationship with St John's Care Home over the years.

Their residents have visited us as part of full-circle, where they had lunch with our students. They have also visited us to take part in a craft project. Many of our students have visited the care home to read books, sing or simply have a nice chat with one of the residents. This partnership has really brought out the best in our children and the care home has really appreciated it, too.

Introduction to our first video to St John's Care Home

Due to Covid-19, residents of care homes are having to shield themselves. They are at high risk of catching covid-19 and getting really sick. We wanted to show that we care for them and that they are loved. We don't want them to be lonely.

So we created something called 'virtual pen-pals' for this.

We create videos which are sent to Miss Adams. Miss Adams puts these videos together to send to the care home. We get a video sent back to the school from the care home in response.

To view the 'Virtual Pen-Pal videos click on the link to St John's Care Home:

Click on the logo to listen to an interview about the virtual pen pal scheme from an interview on BBC Radio Oxford.

How to set up your own virtual pen-pals with a care home?

  1. If you don't have existing links to a care home, simply do a google search and find one near you.

2. Phone up the care home and explain to the receptionist that you would like to set up virtual pen-pals with the care home, making links with your school. They will direct you to the correct person.

3. Contact parents and ask them if they would be happy for their pupils to star in a video. It could be getting them to respond to questions, to share an activity or to ask questions.

4. Ask a member of staff to edit the videos which are emailed to them. This can be done using the iMovie app or other video editing software.

5. Email a link for the video to the care home. Offer to create a video using the video clips from the care home in response to your school's video.