Our Curriculum


Tyndale Community School is committed to preparing children for the 21st Century. The book 'Drive' by Dan Pink has helped us develop our approach to the curriculum into what it is today. Dan Pink argues that autonomy, purpose and mastery motivate adults and children alike. This carefully aligns to our ethos and approach to the curriculum which will be found within the different sections from this page.


Autonomy is different from independence. It means acting with choice- which means we can be both autonomous and happily interdependent with others. We provide autonomy within our approach through how children approach a task, which includes time management, techniques utilised and roles within a team.


Purpose motivates us and is an integral part to our curriculum. Our curriculum has clear purpose and intent behind it every step of the way. When children are involved in making a difference to the world around them, it motivates them. We provide opportunities for them to engage with real-life problems whilst exposed to real-life examples of people who are purpose driven from a range of backgrounds.


Have you ever been so skilled at something that you can do it now without as much thought and then are able build on that skill with a new one? Well, if so, you've reached a state of flow through mastery.

In each of our curriculum areas, we help pupils to reach a state of mastery. So often, pupils move onto the next piece of learning when they haven't mastered the last. In each of our curriculum areas, we ensure that children have deep knowledge and skills of key areas, enabling them to reach a state of flow.

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