Lockdown Assemblies with Mr. Steinegger

Welcome to a strange and wonderful world of stories, puppets and much more as we face and answer questions together through online assemblies in this unprecedented time.

Week 1 (22nd-27th March)

A dragon discovers who's been pouring words into his cave and a girl discovers why her dad told her to never climb on a roof. We explore anxiety and respect through these stories.

Assembly 22nd March.MOV
Assembly 27th March.MOV

Week 2 (30th March- 3rd April)

Jesus and his mad band of disciples take us on an adventure through the storm and the Easter story. We explore peace and hope in these uncertain times.

Assembly 30th March.MOV
Assembly 3rd April.MOV

Week 3 (20th April- 24th April)

Mr. Ponsonby discovers some problems with making too many statues and Professor Polar and his daughter Eliza adventure in Antarctica. We explore our relationship to the planet during earth week.

Assembly 20th April.m4v
Assembly 24th April.MOV

Week 4 (27th April-1st May)

A lion and a mouse strike up and unlikely friendship and a man is attacked by a band of robbers. We explore selflessness and helping both our friends and enemies.

Assembly 27th April.MOV
Assembly 1st May.MOV

Week 5 (3rd May- 8th May)

Corrie Ten Boom and her family house some persecuted Jews during World War 2 and Joseph's brothers hatch a plan to get rid of Joseph after their dad knits him a colourful coat. We explore saying sorry and forgiveness.

Assembly 4th May.MOV
Assembly 8th May.MOV

Week 6 (11th May-15th May)

Joseph rises to power in the unlikeliest way and meets some estranged family members. Tyndale Community School news investigates some of the children's work during lockdown. We continue to explore forgiveness and creativity.

Assembly 11th May.MOV
Assembly 15th May.MOV

Week 7 (18th May- 22nd May)

Mr. Steinegger sets an interesting challenge for the children and Mr. Watt interviews a family about their lockdown experience. We continue to explore creativity.

Assembly 18th May.MOV