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Parents' Quotes

At Tyndale Community School we love hearing from our whole community about how we are perceived. Here are some comments from over the last twelve months:

"I really love that my son is happy at Tyndale, both educationally and socially. The school has a very friendly, supportive atmosphere. He is always happy to go to school and has a lovely set of friends. He takes really positive ideas from school home. He recently, completely independently, built a his own reflection area in the corner of our living room, including a lamp made from a torch and toilet roll. I think the school really encourages him to strive to do well without feeling too much pressure, and without there being negative competition. "

"I love that my kids are taught in a way that gets them excited about learning. I love how the Christian ethos weaves its way through the school. Everyone is warm, friendly, welcoming. As a parent i feel included in my child's learning. Communication is great. "

"Just wanted to say how touched we have been by the food parcels - now accompanied by a menu! - we have received from the school. I don’t think anything has brought home to me more clearly that Tyndale is, more than simply a school, a community. Your collective care is humbling. The work you are putting in above and beyond what I would perceive as expected is, frankly, astonishing. Thank you."

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