Welcome to Music at Tyndale Community School!

Music is a powerful emotional experience that can promote self-confidence, resilience, collaboration and creativity. Therefore, we endeavour to make every music session as practical and engaging as possible. We give children throughout our school the chance to learn different instruments, compose songs, perform in front of others and explore their voices. Additionally, we strive to expose them to a variety of musical styles and give them the opportunity to engage critically with what they hear. In school, this takes the form of singing assemblies, music lessons, choirs, performances and musical trips. Our aim is for every child to feel empowered to explore music however they choose. We know our musical approach is working when children share songs and music they’ve been working on at home.

  • Tyndale Tracks — audio recordings of our pupils in action for you to enjoy.
  • Practise Room — all the resources you could possibly need to practise at home.
  • After School Clubs
    • Choir — everything you need to know about our choir and how to join us.
    • Guitar Group — fancy learning the guitar? This is the page for you.
    • Strings Continuation Group — not ready to let go of your violin? Or ready to take on a more adventurous string instrument? Get in touch!