Behavior and Pastoral Support

Support from us

If your situation has changed recently, we would love to know so that we can support you and your family through this current crisis. Please fill in the google form below with your details and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


We have developed a range of fact sheets based on commonly asked questions. For many of these we are regularly reviewing them as government guidance is changing but thought you might appreciate having everything on one or two pages.

What does lockdown mean?

Covid-19 Factsheet: Lockdown in the UK.

How can I promote good mental health with my family?

Covid-19: How to promote good mental health as a family!

Dealing with my child's behaviour

COVID-19 Factsheet: Dealing with my childs behaviour.


Covid-19 Factsheet: Employment.

If you or your children are at risk of domestic violence

Covid-19 Factsheet: If you or your children are at risk of domestic violence in the household.

Self Isolation

Covid-19 Factsheet: What to do if you're isolating.
Advice - supporting children (Covid-19) From an EP

Parents struggling with their mental health

Covid-19 Factsheet: Struggling with your mental health.
Support and advice for parents

Talking to your children about the coronavirus including social stories


Social Contact Story


School is closing


Story about coronavirus for children


ELSA Home challenge

Seeing my parents social story.

Seeing my parents social story

Food for children and families from Tyndale Community School

Tyndale Community School is delivering food boxes to families where children have Free School Meals. However, we are looking to expand this service and more details will follow soon.

List of services available to parents and families (continually updated)

Mental Health:

Samaritans Oxford

  • The Samaritans can give advice to adults who are struggling with their mental health over the phone or by email. They are fast at responding, it is totally confidential and can be a ‘safe’ place to air concerns and receive helpful advice for free.

  • General UK number: 116 123

  • Oxford number: 0330 094 5717

  • Email:

Age UK:

  • New telephone number for elderly people during this time with help and advice. Any grandparents raising children and finding it hard can use this for assistance, or families with elderly relatives they are worried about. Number: 01865 411 288

Childcare/Tutoring/Behaviour Management:

Oxford Medical Students Helping Hands:


  • Babysitting website but now has a section of people that are volunteering childcare services for those in need. App downloadable on most smartphones. Volunteers will have a ‘volunteer’ badge on their profile.

Oxford Covid-19 Mutual Aid:

  • Is a facebook group set up with people offering a range of services, childcare and online tutoring/fun classes included to keep children occupied even when you are in the household. Link:

OXSIT Behaviour Toolkit:

ELSA Support:

  • A website with a range of FREE resources to support children emotionally, lots of mindfulness activities and things to give children a break from learning. Link: