Tyndale Community School provides a welcoming, loving environment where we will support all children to thrive. Our school gate opens at 8:15am and the day starts at 8:30am with register and calendar time. This time is an important part of the day for children to settle into learning which creatively reinforces literacy and numeracy in a fun, informal way. It is important for all children to arrive before this session every day so they have enough time to put their coats and bags away.

We aim to have 96% or better attendance. Punctuality is also a priority for Tyndale and we will work to ensure that 97% children arrive on time and ready to learn each day. All Tyndale staff work with children and families to ensure each child attends school regularly and punctually. As part of our efforts to make attendance and punctuality a priority, we have a systematic approach to gathering and analysing attendance-related data which we report in our weekly newsletters. Please click here to see our term dates to ensure holidays and other outside of term time activities are planned accordingly.