E-Safety is the key to protecting your child on the internet. This page aims to empower you and help you protect your child from the risks associated with going online. Did you know that, according to research, 1 in 3 children have been bullied online? The same study found 57% of children have seen explicit images. A further 46% had given out information that could put them at risk. For more information about the challenges your child is facing, you could find information from Internet Matters here or from the NSPCC here

As a parent, did you know you can limit the hours your Xbox turns on? Or that you can enter guided access mode on an apple device to keep your child safe in one app? Some parents might know about Family Links by Google, which limits the pages your child can view to keep them safe. To find out more about how to set up parental controls and privacy settings, Internet Matters has a guide for every device you might be interest in here.

If you’d like to check your set up at home, why not use this checklist by Internet Matters? IM Set Up Checklist.

To support you, we hold e-safety information evenings. The slides from the most recent one can be found below.

E-Safety Presentation Handout 2019

If the information above does not answer your question, please do ask for help at reception, who will forward your query to our E-Safety Officers.