Part of our vision is to work collaboratively with others to ensure we get the best outcomes for our pupils. Here are some of the groups that we work with in order to achieve this.

Tyndale Community School is part of the Chapel Street Community Schools Trust. There are six other schools within the trust, including four primary schools in London and two secondary schools in the North of England.

The school has a dynamic partnership with Oxford Community Church, who were instrumental in starting the school and play a pivotal role as it grows and develops.

Tyndale Community School is a Partner School within the alliance. Furthermore, we are part of Oxford East Partnership. This means that we work together to ensure that we get the best possible outcomes for the children in our neighbourhood.

The Swire Chinese Language Programme was founded in 2016 to improve the quality, quantity, and reach of the teaching of the Chinese language in the UK. With funding from the Swire Chinese Language Foundation, the programme started working with Tyndale Community School to help us to become self-sustaining in the teaching and development of Mandarin at our School.

Prayer spaces in schools are day events or week long events where students can experience prayer and reflection in creative ways. In a practical sense this involves transforming a physical space (a classroom, library, meeting room etc.) so students can creatively explore faith and spirituality from a broadly Christian perspective.

William Tyndale himself graduated from Magdalen College in 1514. He was a prodigious scholar, mastering 7 languages and translating the Bible into English, and therefore making it accessible to everyone. Therefore, Magdalen College School has a vision to follow in Tyndale’s footstep, making books and reading more accessible. Magdalen College School provides volunteers for 1:1 reading, latin club and chess club for Tyndale Community School.