At Tyndale Community School, we have been reflecting upon the impact that homework has upon children’s learning. Currently, there is very little evidence that it has a significant impact during children’s primary school life although research shows that it is greater during secondary school as children become more independent.

However, what we want to do is provide homework which will support pupils’ learning in school, especially with multiplication and spellings. Using our spelling and multiplication mats, children are able to apply a range of techniques to help the new words and multiplication facts are easy to retrieve from their memory during lessons. In the same way that any sportsperson would continue to practise their sport until match-day, we want children to practise for ten-minutes a day on their spellings and multiplication. The videos will help you understand how you can support your child with the mats.

Alongside this daily practise, at the beginning of every term, we have some suggested activities that children can do. To show if a child has done these, photos can be taken of the work and emailed into the school office to be shared with the class teacher. There are nine activities that children can attempt during the term but please be aware that none of these are compulsory.

Finally, if you have a Saturday morning free and you want to provide your children with some work, we highly recommend the following websites. Class teachers will continue to write blogs about what they have covered during the week and you may want to link it to learning on these sites.

BBC Bitesize KS1
BBC Bitesize KS2