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If you’re looking to practise your music at home, you will find all the resources you’ll need here.


  • We are starting with Don’t Stop Believing this term.
  • Lost your copy of the sheet music? No worries, here’s another: Sheet Music.
  • Here are the original songs, in case you’d like to sing along at home.

Year 1

  • Our new theme this term is “The Three Little Pigs” so we’re preparing a performance of this famous tale for our exhibition.
  • We’ve been learning the terms pitch, dynamics, tempo and texture as well as talking about the feelings each song gives us.
  • The pulse of the music is something we’re exploring with a range of percussion instruments.
  • We’re also discussing the timbre of instruments this term to enhance our performance with percussion chosen by the children.
  • Below is the backing track for our song. The lyrics can be found here.

Year 2

  • As our topic this term is first flight we’ve started the term by taking a musical trip around the world. We listened to the different styles of music from around the world and even danced to a few.
  • For the rest of the term, we will be using basic percussion instruments and our glockenspiels to accompany a song we’ll be singing in Mandarin!

Year 3

  • To supplement our phenomenal violin lessons, we have access to Charanga Music World. Simply go here to access this fantastic resource.
  • If you do not yet have a log in, please ask your class teacher for another copy of the sign up letter.

Year 4

  • This term we’re putting the recorders on hold to explore digitally created music. On the iPads, we’ll be using the instruments in GarageBand to play The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and then creating our own professional sounding tracks.
  • Want to practice the rap at home? Here’s a video to help you out.

  • If you’d like to practice the recorder in the background, here are the links to help you out:-
    • We are learning to play the recorder this term! If you’ve mislaid your recorder loan letter, here’s a spare: Recorder Letter.
    • Want to practice your notes? Check out my Recorder Notes Chart.
    • Our current piece we’re working on is Adele’s Hello. For our more experienced players, you can try out the tune in recorder part 1 as the rest of us learn C, D and E for the first time in recorder part two. Here’s the PDF: Hello.
    • If you are doing some extra practise at home then YOUCANPLAYIT.COM’s Youtube videos are a great place to start. They can be found here.
    • is a little less beautiful, but can show you how to play each note as well as letting you set the speed using the tempo arrows at the top. It contains everything from Star Wars to Super Mario to Ed Sheeran. Parents, please be aware that the songs are taken automatically from and whilst lyrics are not shown, some pop songs may contain inappropriate words in their titles.