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If you’re looking to practise your music at home, you will find all the resources you’ll need here.


Year 1

  • We’ve been learning the terms pitch, dynamics, tempo and texture as well as talking about the feelings each song gives us.
  • The pulse of the music is something we’re exploring with a range of percussion instruments.
  • We’re also discussing the timbre of instruments this term to enhance our performance with percussion chosen by the children.

Year 2

  • This term we’re learning to read notes on a stave and practising the glockenspiel as a class.

Year 3

  • To supplement our phenomenal violin lessons, we have access to Charanga Music World. Simply go here to access this fantastic resource.
  • If you do not yet have a log in, please ask your class teacher for another copy of the sign up letter.

Year 4

  • Looking to prepare for the Carol Concert at the end of term? Here are the songs for you!

Year 5

  • Looking to prepare for our performance for Muscular Dystrophy UK? Here we go!