Welcome back to a new year of singing. This term we’re running two separate choirs at once: Young Voices Choir and Big Christmas Sing Choir. Both of them start at 3pm and go on until 4pm.

Our Young Voices Choir will be led by Miss Stanton this term on Tuesdays and is full at this time. For more information about our Young Voices trip in January, head to the Young Voices webpage.

Our Big Christmas Sing Choir will be led by Miss Dowse this term on Thursdays and has a trip coming up at the end of November. If you would like to join our choir and have missed the Google Form, please contact the school office. For another copy of the flyer we sent out about the Big Christmas Sing, click here.

If you are in the choir and looking to practise, please head to our Practise Room.

Looking to prepare for our Royal Albert Hall performance?

Looking to reply to our Big Christmas Sing Extra Events flyer?