Home Learning Sheets Summer Term 2

Our teachers have prepared worksheets to help you support your child’s learning at home. These can be found here using the links below. Reception Summer Term 2 Home Learning Year 2 Summer Term 2 Home Learning Year 3 Summer Term 2 Home Learning Year 4 Summer Term 2 Home Learning

New Homework Procedure

Thank you for reading our blog posts, we appreciate the time and effort you took to check the homework that had been set each week. During Spring term, we trialled a new system, where all the homework information and class updates were in one concise newsletter. As this has proved to be so popular, we will continue this approach moving … Read More

Year 3 News 18.12.17

Dear Parents and Carers,   Year 3 are smashing the end of term finishing off their last bits of our project ‘Can Maths Be Beautiful? Final consensus’. YES! It can! With all our beautiful artistic creations from Fibonacci spirals to finding acute and obtuse angles through dance to 3D shape installations we have established maths can look great!   Thank … Read More

Year 3 News 12.12.17

Hi Everyone!   Thanks for another great week in year 3! We had an amazing time at Modern Art Oxford, and even managed to build on our previous knowledge to spot some Mondrian art! We also had a lot of fun writing our stories about a tower and really focusing on characters feelings and how we can portray these through … Read More

Y3 – 05.12.17

Dear Parents and Carers Yet another great and fun-packed week in year 3. This week we put lots of emphasis on division and showing how we can share and divide up different amounts. We also linked this to some work on fractions have have made some beautiful tile artwork which is split into specific fractions, such as eighths. The 7th December is … Read More

Year 3 News 28.11.17

Hello Everyone!   This week in year 3 we have been exploring the work and theories of Fibonacci and how this pattern can be shown in spirals and in nature. We also linked this to number sequences and how we can work out what number comes next in some complicated sequences. We also, of course, celebrated the 50th day of … Read More

Year 3 News 21.11.17

Dear Parents and Carers,   Maths and Literacy Another great week in Year 3 last week. We have been focusing on Leonardo da Vinci, researching our own facts about him and using these to write a non-chronological report. We have also looked at Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man and have been investigating fractions of our bodies through measurement. It has been … Read More

Y3 news 14.11.17

Dear Parents and Carers,   We received a very interesting email from the Oxford Portrait Gallery last week. They have heard we are looking at different artists and requested that we send them some reports to win the chance of coming on a visit. Our first draft on Piet Mondrian was very successful. We now know what a title is, … Read More

Y3 – 6.11.2017

Hello everyone, We hope everybody had a great half term and is excited about the term ahead – we certainly are! This week has been full of exciting things. Starting it all off was our History day on Tuesday. In year 3 we had a fun experience of a Victorian School and had a task of writing in chalk in … Read More

Homework 24.10.2017

Spellings for year 3 are: Accidentally Actually Address Answer Appear Arrive Believe Bicycle Breath Breathe And Our times tables are 8 time table from 1×8 to 10×8.