WOW News 19.12.17

The Children who have been taking part in our new WOW scheme (Walk Once a Week) will be receiving their badges today. We are really proud of them! And we hope even more children will be able to walk/scoot or cycle to school next term. Don’t forget you can park on a nearby road (not Barracks lane though) and walk … Read More

Raffle Prizes from Winter Wonderland

We still have some unclaimed raffle prizes at the front desk from Winter wonderland. Mrs Jackman has left messages or sent emails for everyone who put a contact info on their ticket, but we have 2 tickets that have no contact details on. These are for Julian G and Donna Gunson. If anyone knows them, please get in touch with … Read More

We hope to open the school tomorrow (Tuesday, 12th December)

Dear Parents and Carers, I hope you have all had a restful day. We are hoping to open Tyndale Community School tomorrow (Tuesday). A team of us shifted the snow and laid out grit on a path leading to the front and rear doors today. However, due to the freezing and icy nature of tomorrow, there are going to be … Read More

School Closure: 11th December 2017 (due to snow and ice)

Dear Parents and Carers, I have just visited school and have decided that Barrack’s Lane and William Morris Close is not safe, with cars skidding to move. Additionally, a number of staff live further out of Oxford (or were visiting people outside of Oxford) and are unable to safely get to school. There is more snow due tonight so wanted … Read More

Road Safety Week

Dear Parent or Carer, This week, our school is taking part in UK Road Safety Week, coordinated by Brake, the road safety charity. The children are learning about road safety and the importance of drivers keeping their Speed Down to Save Lives. In the UK speeding is still a major problem. It causes needless crashes, untold suffering and stops people … Read More

Tax-Free childcare at Tyndale

Tax-Free Childcare was introduced in April 2017 and helps working families with the cost of childcare. For every £8 a parent pays into their childcare account, the government will add an extra £2, up to a maximum of £2,000 per child per year (or £4,000 for a disabled child). When you sign up simply search for the school by name … Read More

50th Day of School!

Dear parents and carers, At Tyndale Community School we like to make maths fun! After 2 extremely successful years of celebrating the 100th day of school, we are ready to kick it up a notch. Everyday this year, the children of Tyndale have been keeping track of how many days we’ve been in school. We are pleased to announce that … Read More

Choir Club Clarification

Please note that the changes mentioned in the Young Voices letter (the second rehearsal a week, extended hours and snack cessation) will all come into effect from January. Until the end of term, choir club will continue to run on Mondays until 4pm with a snack and drink provided. My apologies for any confusion this may have caused. If you are interested … Read More