Attendance and Safeguarding

If your child is not able to come to school due to illness, please phone the school to speak to a member of staff or leave a message. If there is no communication about your child’s absence you will be phoned so that we know that your child is safe and being cared for by an adult. If we are … Read More

Refugee Week

Refugee Week. Did you know this week is Refugee Week? It takes place every year across the World. In the UK, Refugee Week is a nationwide programme of arts, cultural and educational events that celebrate the contribution of refugees to the UK, and encourages a better understanding between communities. This week in assemblies we’ll be learning about the incredible work … Read More

Second Hand Uniform Sale

Second hand uniform sale : Friday 23 June (after school). If anyone has any old school uniform (in good condition) that they are willing to donate for this, please bring in to front desk asap!

Eid al-Fitre Bring and Share Party

Many of our Muslim families have been partaking in Ramadan this month, abstaining from food and drink during daylight hours.  This comes to an end on the 25th / 26th of June and is followed by a big celebration known as Eid al-Fitr. Celebrations are a time for friends and family to come together so please join the Tyndale family … Read More

Bournemouth Beach Trip

Dear Parents and Carers, We are looking for parent/carer volunteers to support Tyndale Community School’s Trip to Bournemouth Beach on the 13th July 2017. Purpose of the Trip Experience- We want to give children real-life experiences that support their Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development alongside their Learning. Learning – Much of our learning this term has been linked to … Read More

upcoming assemblies

This week is a ‘Celebration of Learning Certificate Assembly’. Assembly is cancelled on the 23rd June for Sports day and 21st July, which is the last day of school. However, on the 7th July, we would love to have a sharing assembly which is led by our parents. If you are interested, please get in touch with either Mr Watt or Mrs Holden.

Brilliant Book Bonanza!

As you know, we at Tyndale LOVE reading and believe there is nothing better than spending time pondering over your next big read at the bookshop or library! So to celebrate the wonderful world of books we will be hosting our very own Book Fair running from Tuesday 13th June until Friday 16th June 2:45 – 3:30pm in the Community … Read More

Doughnuts for Dads!

Doughnuts for Dads (Friday 16th June 1.30pm – 2.50pm) To Dads, Granddads, Uncles and other great male role figures in the lives of our children. Hopefully your invitation has arrived and you have taken the afternoon off to spend some time with us and your little ones.  We have planned an afternoon of sport, creative fun and of course a … Read More


Safeguarding is a huge priority everyday at our school and any concern about a child or adult is taken with importance and confidentiality. The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Alison Holden and she meets with the other members of the school’s Safeguarding team to ensure that key information is shared and discussed. All staff are trained every three years and every … Read More


As a staff, we have been looking at the ways in which we recognise and reward positive behaviour as well as correcting and supporting negative choices. From talking to the children about their views on behaviour and how they like to be rewarded, some have mentioned that there is a growing awareness that bullying is a behaviour that is creeping … Read More